Hodmedod’s: British Grown Pulses and Grains

British Grown Pulses and Grains…Who’d have thought it?!

We are so used to seeing our Quinoa being grown in South America, our Chickpeas sourced from Africa and a variety of other pulses imported from all over the world, we just accept it as the norm… So we couldn’t quite believe our luck when we stumbled across such a brilliant company as Hodmedod’s, based in Suffolk who source all their produce from British farms.

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Their story began in 2012 following the success of the ‘Great British Bean Project’ to stimulate and assess demand for indigenous pulses. This project saw them distributing a British grown Fava Bean within local communities and encouraging the public to use them in their cooking. The response to the beans was overwhelmingly positive, inspiring them to establish Hodmedod’s to continue and develop supply of British-grown fava beans and other products. You can read more about Hodmedod’s truly inspiring story here.

The farm shop is now stocking a few of their snacking range, flours, canned beans and packaged grains. As well as selling these delicious goodies in the farm shop, the Wild Strawberry Cafe will also be serving them up in some of their favourite dishes. You’ll be able to try the beans in the cafe’s delicious homemade baked beans, it’s hearty bean stew and also it’s homemade humous. They will also be utilising the British grown quinoa and spelt in it’s seasonal salads!

With an abundance of easy-to-follow recipes using these ingredients, we can now support our British farmers on a different level and we are thrilled to be part of this!

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