Woolly Compost Now On Sale


We are now stocking a new range of sustainable composts- made from Sheep’s Wool and Bracken.

This range as been developed as a sustainable alternative to peat based composts, which have been subject to various environmental concerns in recent years. This new product range, produced by Dalefoot Composts based in the Lake District, is the brain child of a tenth generation farmer and Environmental Scientist couple who used old gardening recipes to develop a range of wholesome composts.

The couple’s Whitefaced Woodland and Cheviot sheep flocks live in the bracken covered fells of the Lake District. Including bracken in the compost also helps solve another ecological problem being faced by farmers in the Lake District- waist high bracken has made sheep farming increasingly difficult, plus other plants have been failing and available grazing land reduced. Bracken is packed with a wide range of trace elements including potash which makes it a natural compost base, whilst the wool fleeces provide slow release nitrogen and added water retention.

These peat free composts are now tried and tested, and widely seen as offering consistent results in all gardens. Why not give some woolly compost a try in your garden?

We are stocking:

Wool Compost (Peat Free)- 30 litre bags- ideal for repotting established plants or well rooted seedlings. Use straight from the bag in tubs, containers and hanging baskets.

Wool Compost for Seeds (Peat Free)- 12 litre bags-  formulated for strong, healthy growth and essential root ball development.

Lakeland Gold (Peat Free)- 40 litre bags- ‘Claybuster” – natural soil improved produced from bracken. Use throughout the garden at any time of year, as a top dressing,a tonic or in the planning pit. Does not contain sheep’s wool.