Seasonal Recipe: Damson Gin

With our plum trees heavily laden with Damson plums at the moment, and not being a jam-maker myself, I thought I’d take the opportunity to brew up some Damson gin! I used the BBC Good Food recipe but adapted it slightly…

1) Pick 500g fresh Damsons (from our trees on the farm of course!) wash and remove any leaves.
2) Freeze overnight and then smash into pieces in a bag the next day.
3) Place smashed up Damsons in a 2 litre jar, with 250g golden caster sugar (we sell this in the farm shop!) and 1 litre unflavoured gin. Stir well.
4) Stir everyday for the next week then leave for 3 months!
5) After 3 months, strain and sieve the gin to remove the damson pieces. It’ll be ready to drink then but it also matures over time (if you’ve got enough willpower to let it do so… The perfect Christmas tipple!!