Pick Your Own will NOT be opening for Summer 2020

We are very sad to announce that our Pick Your Own will not be opening for Summer 2020.

This is the first year in 30 years of running the farm that our PYO has not opened, but sadly it is unavoidable this year. This is not just due to Covid19 (though of course it has played it’s part) but mainly because of the erratic weather we’ve had, the majority of our crops have failed and there simply isn’t any fruit available. We had a mild and wet Winter in late 2019, followed by late frosts in May, then a heatwave with very little rain and even wild hailstorms, which have all contributed to our lacklustre crops this year. It has always been difficult to grow crops in our soil, and also being very high up in the Chilterns, but we’ve normally defied all odds and managed it…this year sadly isn’t our year.

We understand that a lot of you will be disappointed about this news, and we really are sorry but this is out of our control, and I assure you that the decision was not made lightly. We do hope to open our Pick Your Own in October for Pumpkins!

We thank you for your understanding and hope you are still able to support our business by visiting the Farm Shop or using our Click&Collect/Delivery service.