NEW in the Nursery; Melcourt Composts

This Spring (optimistic perhaps?!) the Nursery is stocking a new range of composts from Melcourt, endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Melcourt is the UK’s leading supplier of composts which are based solely on bark, wood and other natural materials. Melcourt’s range are peat-free which is much more sustainable and eco-friendly than traditional composts and the RHS now encourages gardeners to opt for these.

Why should I use peat-free compost?

Peat is primarily sourced from lowland raised bogs – an increasingly rare habitat in the UK and across Europe. In recent years, the need to conserve this diminishing natural resource has been recognised, as well as the flora and fauna that depend on it.

Compost manufacturers have responded to this by producing an ever-increasing range of peat-free growing media to grow plants in.

For more information please visit the RHS website.

Melcourt Products now in stock:

  • SylvaGrow Compost 50 litre £7.49 (or 2 for £14)
  • SylvaGrow Organic 15 litre £4.49
  • SylaGrow Tub & Basket 50 litre £8.49
  • SylvaGrow Organic Planter 45 litre £6.49
  • Topsoil-blended Loam 20 litre £4.49
  • SylvaGrown Farmyard Manure 50 litre £5.49
  • Soil Improver 50 litre £5.49
  • Pine Mini Chips 60 litres £9.49

For further information on these products, please visit the Melcourt website.