Feast on the Farm Exhibitor: Joanna Oliver Ceramics


We are delighted that Oxfordshire based potter, Joanna Oliver, will be exhibiting at Feast on the Farm, bringing with her a selection of her stunning hand crafted ceramics.

Joanna completed  a degree in Graphic Design and initially worked as an Art Director in London. She eventually found ceramics and after training she opened her own studio based at her home in South Oxfordshire. According to Joanna, her love of making mud pies as child as found it’s way into her adult life, and potting “has all the same pleasures plus the bonus of being able to make something too”.

Joanna particularly enjoys the glazing aspect of pottery. She talks about the alchemy involved and the moment of opening the kiln after the firing to discover the “treasure” inside. She particularly specialises in a technique called “ash gaze”, which involves gathering different woods from the local countryside and reducing them to ash in the stove. They are subsequently used as an important ingredient in the glaze.

Working in small lots means that Joanna is very happy to create commission and bespoke pieces. Her creations are hardy too, fired to 120 degrees means they can be used in a domestic oven, microwave or dishwasher.

Joanna will be appearing both Saturday and Sunday at Feast on the Farm.